The WaRP team has been working diligently through the development process to bring WaRPboard to market. There have been some unexpected hurdles are solving. We are will be increasing content on WaRPboard.org over the coming weeks. A “beta” program will kick-off in May – details to come shortly. WaRPboard will be available for purchase in June and shipping end of July. Thank you for your patience.

WaRPboard Overview

WaRPboard is a result of collaboration by several companies who have experience and technology solutions with the wearables market. Freescale provides the enabling technology with the controllers, sensors and wireless charging, while Revolution Robotics and Kynetics are the platform hardware and software developers.

The WaRPboard is in final stages of development and will be available for purchase in 2Q14. To get the latest updates, please register at WaRPboard Google Group.

Freescale Wearables at ARM® TechCon™